America today: Medicated motorists.

Without question, America has shed much of what first made it great. But with conscious work, it can regain its greatness. I believe the American people have the spirit and the assets to prevent the downfall of their nation. The question remains, nevertheless: Will they choose to carefully turn things around? Or will they accept the road of comfortable degradation instead? The Wall structure Street Journal: Town-Hall Structure Could Dull Barbs In Second Debate Mr. Romney has held dozens of town-hall events in the last year and a half, but has faced admiring crowds invariably. The situation on Tuesday places him in front of a crowd that will include some supporters of the president. Obama has promised showing even more vigor at the debate.Alzheimer’s is regarded as a disease of the elderly. But there are also people – perhaps a couple hundred thousand or even more – who have Alzheimer’s within their 40s and 50s. People like Teresa Lambert, who’s 54. Lambert has come to Washington to show users of Congress how hard it really is for those who have early onset Alzheimer’s to get health insurance; one-third of them have no medical health insurance at all. Lambert handled a chain of jewelry shops previously, but then she started having difficulty making feeling of the income spreadsheets. She was in her late 40s – she can’t keep in mind the exact calendar year – when she experienced to give up her job.