There also is a slight increased risk for colon cancer in the average person who smokes. The most common cancer of the colon cell type is certainly adenocarcinoma which makes up about 95 percent of cases. DIAGNOSIS The development of polyps of the colon usually precedes the development of cancer of the colon by five or more years. The American Gastroenterologial Association revised its screening suggestions in 2003 to recommend that people with several first-degree relatives with colorectal tumor or a first-degree relative with colon or rectal cancer before age 60 should have a screening colonoscopy starting at age 40 or beginning a decade before the age of the earlier colon cancer diagnosis within their family members .DHS Releases New Estimates For Plan To Allow Medicaid To Purchase Private Insurance An idea to use Medicaid funds to get private insurance for recently eligible recipients would add significantly less than 15 % to federal health care costs in the condition, according to fresh estimates that the Arkansas Department of Human Solutions released Monday. DHS officials stated it's also possible that the so-called 'private option' program would add no extra federal costs . Health News Florida: Sen. Negron Unveils Substitute Plan Healthful Florida, Sen. Joe Negron's plan to cover 1 million low-income working adults, is now on paper and has been placed on the agenda for Thursday's conference of the Senate Appropriations Committee.