Empathy can lead to altruistic behaviour.

We do not choose our family members, but we do select our friends. We feel a larger sense of reference to friends, so feelings of empathy are even more important. Altruistic choices model Niezink also compared various studies of empathy, and concludes that the methods varied quite substantially. That means it is more difficult to study altruism. The model functions as follows. You see the suffering of others which leads to a feeling of empathy, over which zero control is had by you. They are responses that people can influence. These responses, in turn, can lead to altruism and compassion, i.e.In her investigations, Nayak first showed that bortezomib treatment rendered regular mice resistant to clot development. Next, she demonstrated that among the 17 associates of the KLF family members, bortezomib specifically and potently induced KLF2 levels. Finally, the importance was confirmed by her of KLF2 by injecting bortezomib into mice lacking the KLF2 gene. Although bortezomib treatment safeguarded regular mice from thrombosis, this effect was absent in the KLF2-deficient mice.