Announced that it has begun Stage IIa clinical screening of ProtoCure emulsion cream.

The topics will apply ProtoCure emulsion cream up to a month to your skin areas affected by the condition. Related StoriesRXi Pharmaceuticals starts Phase 1/2 medical trial in ophthalmologyResearchers determine seven genetic risk loci involved with atopic marchDoes dandruff trigger mental distress? An interview with Dr Anjali Mahto Building on the outcomes from our earlier Stage I dermatology research demonstrating excellent basic safety, we are very happy to begin this essential Phase II research in topics with atopic dermatitis, says Lasse Leino, CEO of BioCis Pharma. This research allows us to assess efficacy of ProtoCure emulsion cream in chronic pores and skin inflammation. We have currently shown in the last Phase I study our product has results in acute skin discomfort.Additionally, chemicals in tobacco smoke could harm the cells that create myelin, a protective coating for neurons, or may predispose smokers to autoimmune responses. Will a dose-response relation between cumulative exposure to risk and tobacco exist? How lengthy does the tobacco impact last? Is second-hand cigarette smoking associated with an improved risk as well?’.

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