The bills are Abdominal 1117 and SB 917.

Two new laws and regulations recently passed under the auspices of pet protection actually threaten to get rid of animal ownership throughout the state, because they re-categorize normal pet rearing methods as acts of abuse worthy of criminal fines and unwarranted seizure of stated pets. The bills are Abdominal 1117 and SB 917, plus they were exceeded under a shroud of secrecy. Those who knew about the bills were told they would protect animals from abuse.By no means in the annals of medicine has such a complex and advanced therapy system been put in operation therefore swiftly. This fresh record is important for proton therapy, since it shall contribute to make the technology change from research to clinical reality. The passion, caution and rigor that the complete UFPTI staff has shown to make this happen is definitely admirable, stated Pierre Mottet, IBA’s managing director and chief executive officer. And this is just the beginning of a long term partnership for the advance of proton therapy and better individual treatment in the Southeast.