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Calif. Also in the news, a California hospital chain can pay $16.5 million to settle with the California Medicaid program and Medicare after a patient kickback investigation original-vs-generico.htm . LA Times: Health Program Pays Record Settlement AN EXTENDED Beach health plan decided to pay $320 million to resolve allegations that it had been overpaid by the state’s Medi-Cal program heading back to 1985, federal government officials said. Government officials known as the settlement from SCAN Health Plan the largest of its kind from a single provider in Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program for the poor and disabled .

In Contra Costa County, for example, a retired fire chief, earning $233,000 a full year, was able to draw a pension of $284,000 a yr, by tacking on unused keep advantages to his final year’s pay. This is called pension spiking in fact it is supported by all of the unions in California. There is an effort underway to reform the program , but it is becoming fought, tooth and nail, by the unions. Arnold says he is for reform, but he’ll need to talk with his wife. Right now there is zero opportunity that there will be any pension reform in California, which is usually headed for personal bankruptcy. Arnold offers been pleading with Obama for $50 billion dollars, nonetheless it isn’t coming any moment in the future.