Ascariasis Ascariasis is an intestinal infection the effect of a parasitic roundworm.

Home Treatment If your son or daughter has ascariasis, the drugs prescribed ought to be given as directed. To prevent reinfection: Make sure that your child washes his / her hands often, especially after using the bathroom and before eating. Have your pets regularly checked for worms. Keep your son or daughter’s fingernails short and clean. Sterilize any contaminated clothing, pajamas, and bedding. Try to look for the foundation of the infection. Extra sanitation measures in or about your home may be necessary. When to Contact the Doctor If your son or daughter has any of the symptoms of ascariasis, contact your physician right away.Just two changes, a little deletion and a single-letter change, are unique to the recent, London isolate. Until recently, LGV was only seen outdoors Africa or South-East Asia seldom. However, in late 2004, more than 100 situations were reported within an outbreak in the Netherlands and, since that right time, increasing numbers of cases have been observed in many countries. More than 400 cases had been reported in the UK up to September 2006, in most cases among men who have sex with males. ‘We found no proof that this is a new epidemic isolate that’s spreading world-wide,’ explains Dr Thomson. ‘Our results claim that, far from being a novel and rapidly spreading type of Chlamydia, LGV is an old strain causing a fresh disease.’ Chlamydia is, nevertheless, a wider health accounts and issue for 30 per cent of most new cases of sexually transmitted disease.