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Also, for a few aspects of security, they remember that computers can be a lot more thorough and efficient, and also less error-prone, than human beings. But critics rightfully be concerned about – as typical – stored data becoming stolen or hacked, and that an excessive amount of automation will dull individual screeners’ senses and intuition, therefore leading to them to miss detecting something when it’s just doesn’t feel correct. ‘Smart Security’ initiative ‘If you are sweating profusely, for example, the individual looking at your ID would see.Simultaneously, Canadians ranked their own contributions, and those of healthcare providers and hospitals, higher, with overall B grades. Patel. Yet even with the combined initiatives of most of us in the machine – healthcare providers and our individuals – usage of health care services is only getting worse – and sustainability without access is meaningless. The 2004 Report Cards reinforces the message CMA has been delivering since February this season, that Canadians number 1 concern with medicare is timely usage of health care services.