Is to receive the Simon Dack Award for Exceptional Scholarship in recognition of Chugh&39.

Dr. And Philip E. Hixon Chair in Investigative Medicine. Dr. Chugh is leading the quest to unlock the mysteries of how to prevent sudden cardiac arrest, which is definitely 99 % fatal. Their function is advancing life-saving remedies for patients across the world and is normally a testament to the exceptional work of the Heart Institute. The analysis was the first to present that stem cell therapy can repair damage to the heart muscle mass caused by a heart attack. Presently, a fresh, multicenter stem cell medical trial called ALLSTAR is usually measuring the potency of donor heart stem cells in treating coronary attack patients.The butterfly experiment is sponsored in part by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute based in Houston and is being executed in collaboration with several nonprofit educational organizations. Participating college students and the public can view the butterfly pictures online at a technology support and teacher teaching site of the Baylor University of Medicine’s Center for Education Outreach, which developed the curriculum guide for Web and teachers site support. The butterfly images from ISS will be accessible at the Monarch Watch Web site, an educational and research group in the University of Kansas, which supplied the monarch butterflies. The painted woman butterflies were supplied by Gulf Coast Butterflies in Naples, Fla., and Clearwater Butterflies in Clearwater, Fla. The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colo., on the Internet at is providing science support and instructor training.