According to a new Cancer Analysis UK funded study published in the Uk Journal of Tumor today.

It included more than 1.9 million cancer patients in England and another 1.9 million cancer patients from the other five countries. Of most six countries malignancy survival was lowest in England, while Australia and Sweden had the highest cancer survival overall. Compared with the better carrying out countries – Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden -five-calendar year survival was five to twelve per cent low in England across all the tumor types measured. Despite this England's survival continues to improve, in some cases than elsewhere faster. Five-year survival from breasts cancer improved more in England than in the four leading countries. And survival for all cancers except ovarian improved quicker in England than Australia.MORE FREQUENT Than Thought About one in 150 American children has autism, an urgent public health concern, said U.S. Thursday who reported on the biggest study done up to now on the troubling disorder wellness officials. The new numbers, predicated on 2002 data, are greater than previously reported. Relating to Lee Grossman, President of the Autism Culture of America, ‘This statement validates what we have been saying for a long time, for the reason that the true amounts of those with autism offers been under-reported.