The Cape Cod Mandolin Camp will be held in Sandwich, Massachusetts — Cape Cod’s oldest town, and one of its most popular resorts. The weather is ideal in September! Families are encouraged to attend. There’s plenty to do for everyone, even if only one family member is participating in the Camp.

East Sandwich Grange

This is a 19th-Century community center, renovated in 1937, and approximately two miles from the Oceanside Cottages. It’s in excellent condition, and full of Cape Cod flavor.

The Grange Hall will be the site of the two CCMC concerts: faculty concert on Saturday evening, and student performances on Sunday afternoon. The student concert is free and open to the public.


Housekeeping Cottages

Accommodations will be in housekeeping cottages at East Sandwich Beach. These are comfortable rental cottages directly on one of Cape Cod’s most scenic beaches. The cottages are equipped with complete kitchens. Complimentary breakfast and a simple sandwich lunch will be provided, as well as a community dinner on Saturday.

A central part of the CCMC experience is sharing a cottage. For most, living rooms double as classrooms. If you prefer not to be part of this arrangement please let us know.


The Cottages are small but comfortable. Most cottages have two or three bedrooms (maximum 4 or 6 persons per cottage. When registering for housing please choose either:

Single occupancy: you will have a private room in a two- or three-bedroom cottage. Bathroom, kitchen and living room are shared.

Double occupany: you will share a twin bedroom with one other person in a two- or three-bedroom cottage.

Additional Housing

For those who prefer, there are several hotels nearby:

The Inn at Sandwich Bed & Breakfast (5 miles, but recommended!)

Contact info for hotels and more around Sandwich is HERE. The nearest hotels:

within a mile or so:
Spring Garden Inn
Spring Hill Motor Lodge
Pine Grove Cottages
Earl of Sandwich

a little farther:
Sandy Neck Motel
Shady Nook Inn


Participants are welcome to bring the whole family for a beachside vacation! Spouses of camp participants should register for double-occupancy housing. Groups may also request to share a cottage. Week-long packages are also available.


Some cottage living rooms will double as classrooms during the day. Please specify if you do NOT wish to stay in one of these cottages.


A simple lunch and Saturday night dinner will be provided. We’ll bring breakfast supplies for preparation in your own cottage — all cottages have full kitchens. There is no central dining facility.

For those who prefer restaurant dining, there are three moderately priced, Cape Cod-style restaurants within one mile of the cottages. There’s also an excellent variety of restaurants within just a few minutes’ drive.