Cape Cod Mandolin Camp 2014

Registration is open! You may register by PayPal if you wish (email for directions), or avoid online fees by sending your payment by mail. Please print and mail this FORM with your check.

Other Facilities

Housing, workshops and ensemble rehearsals will take place at the cottages on East Sandwich Beach. Additional housing will be offered on adjacent beach locations, for those who want to ensure placement in direct-oceanfront facilities and don’t mind driving a mile or two to the main camp. Parking is easy, and everything is close together.

The East Sandwich Grange will be the site of student and faculty concerts, and the orientation. The Grange Hall is about 2 miles from the Cottages.

Restaurants and a convenience store are nearby. Central Sandwich Village is less than a ten-minute drive. Rt. 6A (Kings Highway) is just a mile away, and is a major source of retail entertainment. The historic Boardwalk District is about 10 minutes away, and of course Cape Cod is full of endless opportunities to explore.

Bring all your instruments to CCMC

Feel free to bring your guitar, fiddle, bass, or other acoustic instrument. They’ll be useful in the ensembles and jams. Non-mandolinists are welcome to participate fully in the workshops and ensembles; just register as usual.

Family Members

Feel free to bring the whole family. Entire cottages are available (2- or 3-bedroom), and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Family members who are not enrolled in the Camp should register for housing (unless they’re making other arrangements). They’re welcome to attend the Grange Hall concerts, but will need to purchase a ticket.


For questions about the camp, workshops, programs, etc. please email us. Or if you prefer to telephone, call 617-306-8055. There’s also a FAQ page to answer the most frequently-asked questions.


More info on the Facilities page.




To reach the camp from Boston’s Logan Airport, take the Plymouth & Brockton bus — it runs several times a day from Logan to Cape Cod — the nearest stop is Barnstable. There’s also a Bonanza bus from New York and Providence.

**Link to latest bus lines, routes and times**

If you’re flying, you might consider Providence, Rhode Island — it’s a little bit closer than Boston/Logan, and it’s much smaller, friendlier, and easier to navigate.