Cape Cod Mandolin Camp dates:
September 25 – September 27 2015

2015 CCMC faculty:

John T. LaBarbera, Italian folk mandolin

Marc Woodward, blues mandolin

August Watters, classical & jazz mandolin

Shana Aisenberg: beginners ensemble


Study, Jam, Rehearse and Perform

The Cape Cod Mandolin Camp features public concerts, as well as a focused teaching and performance camp for mandolin players of all levels and learning styles — from absolute beginners to advanced. Our faculty are all seasoned performers as well as experienced, professional and patient teachers. We’re committed to helping you:

  • pursue your individual musical interests
  • identify/connect with your existing strengths, and learn how to build on them
  • identify areas needing improvement, and develop strategies to address them
  • learn how to maximize your practice time
  • develop and enhance ensemble playing skills

In short, we’re committed to helping you develop your own musical voice.


CCMC offers a unique learning experience for mandolinists: a chance to rehearse and perform with directed ensembles in various musical styles, and to study technique, theory and style in depth. The instruction will be practical, accessible, and well-supported by printed as well as web-based materials. Expect to meet friends, cultivate musical relationships, and have a great time — and go home with a specific plan for musical development.

Workshops will focus on:

  • technique
  • repertoire
  • fretboard visualization
  • ear training
  • stylistic vocabulary
  • improvisation

Students will choose their own classes. Theory classes will be organized according to level. Some workshops will be available to non-mandolinists as well.

Ensembles: Reading, Improvising, and By-Ear

Students will also have an opportunity to choose an ensemble based on stylistic preferences, experience level, reading ability (tablature or standard notation) and amount of interest in pre-camp preparation.

READING ENSEMBLES: Some ensembles will play written music primarily or exclusively. Students will do some advance preparation.

IMPROVISATION ENSEMBLES: Some ensembles will emphase improvisational skills while also requiring some reading skills (standard notation, chord symbols and/or tablature). For those interested in learning parts ahead of time, sheet music will be provided in standard notation and tablature.

BY-EAR ENSEMBLES: Some ensembles will use NO reading or advance preparation. Tunes will be taught and performed by ear. NO READING ABILITY IS REQUIRED for these ensembles.


Learning and Performance Opportunities

CCMC will present attendees with an excellent learning experience. The mandolin is an expressive and versatile instrument found in diverse styles including Celtic, bluegrass, American old-time, klezmer, eastern-European, Brazilian, classical, rock, jazz and more. Yet many of these styles rely on the same basic set of technical and musical skills. Our instructors will focus on the fundamental techniques and knowledge applicable to any musical style — as well as the specifics of each.

In addition to various classes covering repertoire, technique and theory, players will choose ensembles based on levels and musical interests. Each ensemble will be coached by a faculty member, and will perform in front of a supportive and appreciative audience as part of the Sunday afternoon concert. There will also be plenty of opportunities for jamming!

A specialized track for beginners will help new players to get started.


The camp will take place on Cape Cod in one of America’s most beautiful resorts: East Sandwich Beach, Massachusetts. Sandwich is only 10 minutes past the Sagamore Bridge. It is easily reached by both Boston and Providence. Family members of the participants are welcome. There’s plenty to do on Cape Cod, so no one will get bored!

Accommodations will be at the East Sandwich Beach housekeeping cottages. These are comfortable rental cottages directly on one of Cape Cod’s most scenic beaches. The cottages are equipped with complete kitchens. Lunch and Saturday dinner will be provided; this is included in the basic tuition fees. Breakfast supplies will be available for use in the cottages.

Both the Saturday faculty concert and Sunday student performance will take place at the East Sandwich Grange Hall — a wonderful 19th-Century community hall, renovated in 1937. Its warm hardwood interior has perfect acoustics for mandolins!



Most housing is in 2- or 3-bedroom cottages by the beach (or across the street). The housing prices below reflect the cost of one room (or shared room) in one of these cottages. The cottages have shared kitchen and bath facilities. Direct beachfront housing may require a short drive (1-2 miles), but parking will be easy.


Cost: CCMC 2015

TUITION: $240HOUSING (single occupancy): $280
HOUSING (double occupancy): $160

(for early registration, please deduct 10% if mailing payment before Feb. 1, 2013)

Our commitment is to challenge experienced players while supporting beginners


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